02 Nov 2017 to 18 Nov 2017
St James' Catholic Church, Reading

By Beth Flintoff
Directed by Hal Chambers

'I am not a woman. I am a lion, roaring with the injustice that has been done to me and my kin.'

As King Henry I approaches the end of his life, he appoints his daughter Matilda as his successor to the throne. Fierce, determined, and clever, Matilda knows she is fit to be England's first female ruler, but in the ruthless world of medieval politics, the nobles would prefer a man. When her cousin Stephen grabs the crown, Matilda is forced to choose: accept the injustice, or start a war. Her actions will have a life-changing impact on the inhabitants of Reading, who have been quietly prospering in the shadow of their new Abbey, only to find themselves at the frontier of a battle between two hardened enemies.

The sequel to RBL's 2016 award winning King Henry I of England, Matilda the Empress weaves an epic story of politics, love and intrigue, amidst a backdrop of terror, anarchy and a desperate bid for survival by the ordinary people of Reading.

The Guardian: 'The next staging post in the mission to give the town a cultural identity.'

GetReading: Five Stars. 'Theatre at its finest.'

AltReading: Five Stars. 'Outstanding, a mesmerising play.'

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St James' Church

2nd - 18th November


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