02 Nov 2016 to 19 Nov 2016
St James' Catholic Church, Reading

By Beth Flintoff
Directed by Hal Chambers

When William the Conqueror announces his successor to the thrones of Normandy and England, his youngest son Henry gets nothing. With no-one but a loyal priest and clever sister to back him, he is caught like a pawn between two older brothers in their fight for power. But Henry is bright and determined, and fate seems to be on his side. As power surges into his hands, while love beckons and the world falls at his feet, can he keep a firm grip on his own integrity?

Much-loved theatre company Reading Between the Lines, in this their fifth year, brings you a modern history play of contemporary relevance, about the medieval King who founded Reading Abbey. With a team of some of the most 'revolutionary and ambitious' (The Stage) theatre makers in the country, RBL creates theatre of national significance.

Beth Flintoff's Henry I of England is directed by long-time RBL collaborator, Hal Chambers and designed by Rosanna Vize, whose recent credits include Kneehigh and The Gate. Classical composer Rosalind Steele (RBL's Twelfth Night) is collaborating with DJ/Producer Benjamin Hudson (Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet) in order to create a truly spine-tingling original score. Gareth Taylor is creating the stunning movement for the play (Curious Directive) and Oliver Welsh is designing the lighting (Dragons Den and the London 2012 Olympics). The experienced acting company include Jack Beale (Kneehigh, Old Vic), Saskia Portway (Bristol Old Vic, National Theatre) and Toby W Davies (West End, co-Artistic Director of RBL).

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