01 Apr 2016
St Barts Theatre, Palmer Park

By Beth Flintoff
Directed by Hal Chambers

The world premiere of this new play will be performed between 2nd & 19th November in St James' Church, immediately beside Henry's burial site. On 1st April, we are offering members of the public a sneak preview into the work we have done during a week of Research and Development funded by Arts Council England.

The event will include:

Meet the characters and watch performances of selected scenes

Selections of the musical score written by Rosalind Steele and Benjamin Hudson

An overview of the historical research, the process and the work to be done by

- Writer Beth Flintoff

- Director Hal Chambers

- Producers Dani and Toby Davies

- Composer Rosalind Steele and Musical Director Benjamin Hudson

- Historian Professor Lindy Grant talking about the research done by the university for RBL

All Tickets £5

Arts Council Funding

RBC Funding


Additional funding 1

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