RBL's growing family of Friends, Patrons and Sponsors are at the heart of what we do, supporting all aspects of our work. You can get involved from as little as £2 per month and every penny you donate makes a difference, helping us to fund new writing, produce exciting theatre and to reach new audiences of all ages and backgrounds.


We have five Friends packages to choose from. Join today and immediately enjoy benefits such as; a priority booking period for preview performances, special event invitations and regular e-newsletters.

Applying is simple, secure and quick to set-up via GoCardless. Our direct debits are paid on the 1st of every month and if you change your mind, it can be cancelled at any time.

The benefits...

Friend Type







Priority Booking*

Special Events

Regular e-newsletters

Website acknowledgement

Comp 1st night tickets






Free programme

Reserved seats**

Meet the cast

* - priority booking ticket limits are subject to change on a production-by-production basis
** - Reserved seats available when booked in advance

Our FRIEND 250 and FRIEND 500 packages are valid for 12 months and are paid via 12 monthly direct debits.

Our FRIEND 24, FRIEND 48 and FRIEND 96 packages are ongoing memberships which will continue until you decide otherwise.

Join us today...

When you've chosen your package all you need to do is to click on the relevant link below:

RBL Friend 24
£2 per month

RBL Friend 48
£4 per month

RBL Friend 96
£8 per month

RBL Friend 250
£20.85 for 12 months

RBL Friend 500
£41.70 for 12 months

If you have any questions about being an RBL Friend then please email friends@readingbetweenthlines.co.uk.


RBL Patrons enjoy all the benefits of our Friends plus an invitation to meet the cast after a first night preview performance. Our Patrons make a suggested annual contribution of £1,000+

For more information about becoming an RBL Patron please email Dani on dani@readingbetweenthlines.co.uk.


If you would like to be become a corporate sponsor then please email Toby on toby@readingbetweenthelines.co.uk for further details about the benefits of sponsorship to your company.

We would like to thank all our Friends, Patrons and Sponsors for their generous support:


Patricia Boniface, Helen Taylor, Suzanne Stallard Hall, Lisa Murrell, David Netherton-Sinclair, Christine Callaghan, Fiona Cane-Honeysett, Marta Patino, Katie Morgan, Nicola Tipler, Nick Baggott, Ania Haskins, Caroline Dewell, Sarah Timmins Degregory, Angela Rigby, Nick Price, Christopher Howlett, Sandra Winter, Derek Birks, Susan Bailey, Catherine Sadd, Sheena Matthews, Jane Boyd, Jill Allen, Pam Prior, Doug Cleary, Neil Williams, Alison Harper, Nichola Ebbern, Dudley Jones, Elizabeth Ratcliffe, Ann Oldfield, Vivienne Loren, Jill Dodson, Richard Parkinson, Stephanie Brown, Gloria Ryall, Daniel Taylor, Maria Pia Oliva, Daryll & David Bryson-Richardson, Tim Burrage, Jennifer Cheng, Vesna Stancic, Stuart Smith, Tony Pettitt, Rosemary Williams, Margaret Lyle, Tom McBride, Antoinette Mannion, Gaby Hoffmann, Diana Beveridge, Judi Stacpoole, Ben Ralston, Jane Haysom, Mary Grant, Helen Tweedie, Keith & Marilyn Baker, Julia Hodginkinson, Victoria Lavery, Judy Fender, Daniel Cameron, Karen Evans, Alexandra Latchford, Philip Burton, Alison Trott, Hilary Hudson, Christine Isham, Philippa Hodgson, Kathy Tytler, Lorna Jones, Claire Slobodian, Lisa Duff, Rosemary Byrde, Thomas Brabben, Henry Keith Wise, Trisha Loveys, Carolyn Hyde, Sally Swift, Mike Sheehy, Jeremy Peckham, Angela Melvin, Andrew Harker, Alastair Mitchell-Baker, James Ewan, Ian Legge, Emma Barraclough, Steve Pidcock, Robert Fitzmaurice, Gaynor Piazza, Angie Reid, Lynda Coultas, Jeremy Davies



Sir John Madejski


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